Billy Cole and Doug Joseph

Billy Cole with Doug Joseph on July 27, 2007. Brother Cole is holding the very first proof copy of the book. The year 2007 was a special one: In spite of his illness and age, Brother Cole was able to come to WV District UPCI Youth Camp and speak. While he was there, the district inducted him into the Esteemed Elders Society. Also, after over three years of work, Brother Joseph was able to present to Brother Cole the very first proof copy of the book The Life and Ministry of Billy and Shirley Cole.

A Little Personal Info:
Back in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, Pastor/Evangelist William H. “Billy” Cole practically had a standing invitation to speak at the annual campmeeting of the Louisiana District of the United Pentecostal Church International. Brother T.F. Tenney, then the Louisiana District Superintendent, would regularly poll pastors about who they wanted for their speakers at campmeeting. Brother Cole was by far the one they requested the most, and he was invited back more often than any other camp speaker. Brother Cole’s preaching and teaching made an indelible impression on many, including a boy who heard him speak at the camp. This young man, Doug Joseph, was converted at 16 years of age. He recognized his call to ministry and began to preach at age 17.

About a year after Doug’s unsaved father had committed suicide (while Doug was 18), some mutual friends petitioned for the young preacher to be invited to West Virginia to speak at the church in Charleston where Brother Cole was pastoring. Doug accepted the invitation, and he decided to stay in West Virginia, where he apprenticed himself under Brother Cole. Doug married a WV girl—the lovely and godly LaDonna Mullins—and the young couple took Bible college courses via external studies. Doug was with Brother Cole for over nine years before accepting an invitation to work at the UPCI headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Joseph’s eventually returned to West Virginia (in 2002) to pastor in Clarksburg, and for a period of over three years (starting in 2004) they worked on helping Pastor and Sister Cole to see their memoirs published. Thus this very special book was published about two years before Brother Cole was promoted to Glory. The very first proof copy was placed into Brother Cole’s hands exactly two years (to the day) prior to his death on July 27, 2009. The book contains over 90 great photos. This is the official memoir of Billy and Shirley Cole, as told to Doug and LaDonna Joseph. We know you will enjoy it.

Related Tidbits:
While Brother Joseph was at the UPCI headquarters, he worked for Brother Jack Cunningham, then the General Director of Home Missions. Brother Cunningham is the nephew of Billy Cole, and grandson of Mary Shirley Cole (Brother Billy Cole’s mother).

Mary Shirley Cole At right is the front cover of “Mission Accomplished” by Mary Shirley Cole (click the thumbnail to see a larger image). That book was written by her, but never published while she was alive. It was eventually published by her grandson, Jack Cunningham (with our help, while we assisted him at WEC). Doug and LaDonna Joseph typeset and edited the book, and Doug designed the cover. It tells the inspiring, true story of how she was appointed to create the national Ladies Auxiliary of the UPCI (today called Ladies Ministries), and how she got the job done.

PS: The image of Sister Mary Cole that is featured on the cover is actually a painting based on a black & white photograph. It was painted by UPCI Ladies President Gwynn Oakes, who is a colorist by trade. She had wanted all the photos of prior Ladies Presidents to match (to be in color) and so she painted this from the black & white photo. Awesome job, Sister Oakes!

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